"A Mind of Her Own" - Carey Films Ltd

Feature film directed by Owen Carey Jones, starring Nicky Talacko, Amanda Rawnsley, Ashley Cook, Juliette Grasby and Peter Adams.

"The Spell" - Carey Films Ltd

Feature film directed by Owen Carey Jones, starring Rebecca Pitkin, Pietro Herrera, Amber Hodgkiss, Julia Curle and Laura O'Donaghue.

View the Trailer on YouTube

"Night Fishing" - Shot in the Dark Productions

Short film directed by Joe Hepworth, starring Nicky Barrat and Katherine McGolpin.

Li, 10, lives on the top floor of a tower block, dreaming of being a princess. One night, while buying cigarettes for her dragon of a mother, she finds the answer to all her problems. A discarded fishing rod…

Night Fishing was screened at the Leeds Young People's Film Festival and the Los Angeles International Children's Film Festival.

It’s a 10 minute short film by Joe Hepworth (Shot in the Dark Productions) which is dialogue free and gives the music plenty of limelight! The story dwells on a young girl's dreams as she tries to escape the drudgery of living in a high-rise tower block.

"Out of Order" - Joe Hepworth, Hugh Jordan, John Holloway

Short film, starring Snorri Krist Jansson, Stacha Hicks and Steve Murphy.

"A toilet comedy without the toilet humour!" A fired office worker decides that in a desperate attempt to hold onto his job, he’s going to take hostage the buildings only working toilet.

"Fish-O-Tron" - Frosty Films

Short animated film directed by Bruce Kuei, animator at Pixar Animation Studios (Ice Age: The Meltdown, Wall-E, Ratatouille, Your Friend The Rat, Up, Dug's Special Mission).

60x60 Dance - Order of Magnitude Mix in Montreal

My composition, ' The Billiard Room,' appeared in the 60x60 Dance - Order of Magnitude Mix in Montreal.

The event included ten hours of music, dance, and video, featuring one-minute works by 600 composers, the most ever to be programmed in a single show. The show was part of Congress 2010, the largest annual interdisciplinary gathering in North America, expecting approximately 10,000 visitors.

"Where You From?" - Nick Ahad/Bradford City of Film Project

Short film directed by Nick Ahad (Yorkshire Post's Arts Reporter) for the Bradford City of Film Project, starring Deborah McAndrew (‘Coronation Street’) and Dominic Gately.

Read about the making of Nick's first film: Action! Trials and tribulations of making my film debut.

"Chaos" - Reliable Films

Short film directed & produced by Michael Jacobs.

"The Traveller: Land of Hope and Glory" - Andrew Merkelbach/Para Park Productions

My 'News Theme' appeared in a feature-length audio drama called, 'The Traveller: Land of Hope and Glory', produced and directed by Australian actor, Andrew Merkelbach.

"Movies" - Alam Brothers

Feature film directed by Monshur Alam, starring Rob Garfield, Peter Ellis (‘The Bill’) and Ashvin K Joshi (‘Triads, Yardies and Onion Bhajees’).

"One Person Can Make A Difference" - Media Arts Foundation

Community TV (USA) directed by Diane Reed.